La Tourelle Ocean View Villas
The design approach seeks to enhance the inherent beauty of the site by creating an architecture that is sympathetic to its surroundings. The apartments will be sited so as to minimise the effect on natural flora and fauna.

The whole design of the buildings and implementation on site has been thought to reduce as much as possible the impact of the project on the existing profile of the mountain and the balance of the built environment with the natural background of the La Tourelle mountain.

The architectural style embodies the essence of Mauritian living in tropical elegance, a contemporary approach using traditional materials. Local stone, slate and wood are all used extensively. Large areas of glazing give the opportunity for open living maximising views out from sleek contemporary interior spaces.

High quality interior finishes create a sense of refined luxury and elegance in a contemporary style. The idea of verandah living has been encouraged in the layout with the creation of outdoor covered terraces. These draw from the vernacular architecture that takes advantage of Mauritius’s tropical climate which has made outdoor living a way of life on the island.
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